Businesses require specialist financial advisory services. Accolade are able to provide advice on the needs of shareholders, management, key individuals and staff and apply our expertise to:

Succession Planning
Buy and Sell arrangements

Where 2 or more partners own shares in a business and one of the partners dies, the surviving partners are required to come up with the cash to purchase the shares from the Deceased Partner’s Estate. If they do not have the funds, the deceased partner’s estate may sell the shares to an outside party or the business may have to be liquidated. Accolade provide a plan utilising life policies to ensure that the cash is available to pay the deceased estate, ensuring the deceased’s heir’s receive value for the business and the surviving partners can continue the business.

Business Continuation Planning
Key Person Insurance

Where a business is dependent on the expertise and input of an employee to run properly and that person dies or is disabled the business will need cash deal with the disruption and financial loss including to replace the lost turnover and recruit and train a replacement. Accolade provide life policies to ensure that the cash is available to the business in order to make up for loss of a valuable staff member.

Group Life Cover

Company protection plans for the employees to ensure money is available to their families in the event of their death and for the employee on their disability or to replace salaries should they be unable to work either temporarily or permanently as well as following diagnosis of a dread disease. Funeral cover is also an option valued by Staff.

Commercial Insurance

We provide cover for a business to ensure that their assets are protected in the event of the loss of premises, office equipment, business interruption, data, vehicles and any other item of value which, if lost, would damage the wealth of the business. We also provide protection against third party claims and loss of income.

Loan Account Protection and Redemption

Where a business has been lent money by a shareholder we utilise a life policy to allow settlement of the loan in the event of the shareholder’s death or disability.

Retirement Funds
Pension and Provident Funds

A tax efficient retirement plan designed to ensure employees can afford to retire comfortably at retirement age.


At Accolade our clients are typically high net worth individuals and / or owners of businesses but we will assist all individuals in need. We present unique solutions to the complex financial needs of our clients which has necessitated high levels of expertise in the following areas of financial planning:

Investment Planning

We assist our clients with an investment plan ensuring that wealth will grow over time. Our ultimate objective is for our clients to end up as millionaires.

Retirement Planning

We assist our clients with their retirement planning ensuring that they can afford to retire comfortably at retirement.

Protection of Personal and Family Interests

Where the breadwinner in the family dies or is disabled and can no longer work, we provide cover to ensure that the family has enough money to continue to live in the same lifestyle they are accustomed to. We assist with the investment of the money ensuring that a monthly income required to meet family needs is achieved.

Domestic Insurance

We provide cover to ensure that our clients’ assets are protected in the event of the loss of their homes, vehicles, home contents, jewellery, laptops, cell phones and any other valuables as well as 3rd party claims.

Wills and trusts

We have partnered with major fiduciary service companies to ensure our clients have efficiently drafted Wills. There is no charge for this value added service.


At Accolade we value our independence. Careful selections of appropriate life assurance, investment companies, domestic and commercial insurers, and medical aid administrators, have been made in order to procure the product range that best suits the complex needs of our clients.

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We strive to provide our clients with superior advice and financial solutions based on an assessment of their personal position, as well as to educate them on the importance of the protection and creation of wealth.